Custom Vinyl for Artists and Their Biggest Fans

The next evolution in tiered, elevated merch offerings





Enhance Your Merch Offerings With Premium, 1-of-1 Vinyl Records

Build Your Own
Greatest Hits

Allow your fans to create their very own "Greatest Hits" of your work... and put it on vinyl! From one simple product page, allow each fan to mix and match their favorite hits and deep cuts to create the album that speaks most deeply to them.

Personalized Messages
From Artist to Fan

Think "Cameo", on vinyl. Fans can request a message and provide particulars. You record a brief message using just your phone, and Vinyl Exclusives will cut the message directly onto their record.

Unparalleld personalization and connection available across any vinyl product you may offer.

Short Runs
For Wholesale or Personal Use

When 1-20 copies of a special-use release will do (and you don't want to spend months waiting for a press), we've got you covered! A short run can live on its own, or also be sold online to your fans.

...And More
What Do You Have In Mind?

Our business is to create the coolest, most customized vinyl on the planet. Have an idea for a unique-to-you product? We'd be thrilled to get started on it.
Vinyl Exclusives exists to support the connection between artists and their biggest fans, and to bring vinyl record merchandise beyond its traditional boundaries. Create unique products and engage with your fans like never before with us!
David Slenk - Founder and Lead Vinyl Enthusiast