Vinyl Production And Royalty Terms

Below are the standard, summary terms for selling with Vinyl Exclusives. Click through at the bottom of the page to access the Vinyl Product Creators and explore your product and royalty possibilities further!

    Vinyl Record Production and Royalties

    Artists receive royalties for all record sales. At minimum retail price, Artists and Vinyl Exclusives split profit 50/50. At any price above minimum, Artists achieve a 60/40 split. 

    Exact dollar amounts are set in the Product Creator (click the button at the bottom of the page!). 

    There are no costs to the Artist. 

    Vinyl Exclusives' Responsibilities

    No minimum sales! Vinyl Exclusives sends you royalties and sales reports from each sale, quarterly. 

    When a vinyl is ordered, we cut and ship it. Vinyl Exclusives takes on all cost of production, including product page hosting, payment processing, customer service, shipping, and other commercially standard eCommerce activities.

    Artist's Rights and Responsibilities

    You own the rights to all your original Work. Vinyl Exclusives will never infringe on Artists' rights!

    This is not an exclusive agreement. We love working with labels and independent artists alike. We never want to restrict artists' opportunities!

    Vinyl Exclusives may use short music clips, photos, and/or videos in promotional materials. The Artist will only sell music that they have the rights to sell.

    Artists can remove themselves from the Vinyl Exclusives platform at any time with 60 days' notice.


    Standard production time is 1-3 weeks; any variation in expected production timeframe will be communicated immediately.

    Artists are responsible to produce any add-ons (e.g. Personal Message), and we ask that you provide them within three (3) weeks of request.

    Sales payments and royalty payments will be made monthly.