Vinyl Exclusives

Custom Vinyl For Artists And Their Biggest Fans


Vinyl Exclusives helps labels and artists create unique, customized vinyl records that go far beyond the standard pressing options. Reach your fans like never before with full customization capabilities, on-demand processing and no minimum ordering.

How Does Vinyl Exclusives Work?

1. Product Creation

This starts with YOUR great music. We'll work with you to create the perfect vinyl product(s).

2. Product Page(s)

We'll help you design and publish your custom vinyl record products.

3. Sales Channels

Bring your differentiated vinyl offerings to your fans through online and live merch experiences.

5. On-demand Production

Vinyl Exclusives custom creates the vinyl for each order. No minimums, no up-front cost, and no stress.

4. Customer Service

We work directly with your fans throughout the production, shipping, and post-delivery process.

6. Get Paid

Receive reports and profit payouts from existing sales with secure, automated processes.

How Does Vinyl Exclusives Help Labels And Artists?

Better Merch. Better Connection.

Vinyl Exclusives allows artists and labels to connect with fans and monetize their merch offerings like never before. Together, we'll bring your music to the world in a whole new way:

🎧 Unique, customizable product lines limited only by your imagination.

🎧 Capture fan willingness-to-spend and enhance your customer segmentation.

🎧 On-demand production and customer service services mean you never need to touch the merch process, if you don't want to.

🎧 Full-service partnership to guide and advise along the entire process.

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