Personal Shout-Outs

With Vinyl Exclusives, you can create the ultimate premier-level vinyl products for your biggest fans. On any product (or as its own product), you can offer a personalized shout-out direct from artist to fan.

With this offering, your fans can hear directly from you and experience a personal connection like never before:

Add to any vinyl product

  • Create a 7" single, 12" LP, or anywhere in between 
  • Add functionality for a fan to select a Personal Message add-on
  • Significant value capture opportunity for personal connection
  • Perfect for unreleased or special edition "releases"
  • Vinyl Exclusives will build a unique-to-you product page
  • Provide standard artwork or customizable artwork that will update for each order
  • Provide all relevant audio files to Vinyl Exclusives

Fans tell you what they want you to say

  • At purchase, the customer includes details and requests
  • Vinyl Exclusives coordinates with you to provide an audio message 
  • Super easy fulfillment -- you have all info available to you and you only need your phone
  • Every product is 100% personalized to the individual purchaser

Vinyl Exclusives creates the custom record

  • Production begins as soon as the message is received by VE
  • Utilizing provided files, each record is custom created
  • Artwork may be customized or standardized
  • All production, shipping, and customer service is handled by VE
  • Premium user experience and vinyl quality for your biggest fans