About Us

Our Mission

Vinyl Exclusives helps labels and artists create unique, customized vinyl records that go far beyond the standard pressing options. We help Content Owners reach their fans like never before with full customization capabilities, on-demand processing and no minimum ordering.

Simply put, Vinyl Exclusives upgrades the vinyl record experience: Personalized, special edition albums, created on-demand for artists and their biggest fans.

Our market-disrupting service covers all costs, pays real royalties, and is infinitely customizable for both artists and fans. We're revolutionizing the game, one record at a time!


Our Team

Vinyl Exclusives is headquartered in Chicago, IL. From our workshop, we have hand-crafted over 30,000 custom vinyl records for our amazing customers across multiple brands and retail experiences. 

Vinyl Exclusives was founded by David Slenk, a former consultant and author who is passionate about music and musicians. 

Together with a dedicated team of music enthusiasts and vinyl lathe masterminds, David is helping bring vinyl into the 21st century and beyond with custom experiences and personalizations that go well beyond the standard vinyl press capability.


Why Vinyl Exclusives?

  • Fan Connection. Reward your biggest fans with custom, personalized merch offerings
  • 1 of 1. Each record is unique unto itself, and is never replicated. A Vinyl Exclusives vinyl is truly one-of-a-kind
  • Low Risk / High Reward. No upfront costs for Content Owners, with real royalties and revenue splits paid quarterly
  • Quick Turnaround. Average 2-3 weeks for an average order's production
  • High Quality. Only the highest quality lathe-cuts make it out of our shop
  • Open Communication. Top notch customer service for Content Owners and fans alike.
  • And More... Have any questions? Use the Contact Us page or email directly at contact@vinyl-exclusives.com