About Us

Our Mission

Music distribution is broken. Spotify pays starvation wages, nobody buys CDs anymore, and vinyl pressing is great, but carries huge risk (upfront investment, months of production time) and isn't customizable at all. 

On-demand vinyl records will revolutionize this tough distribution environment.

We have created a market-disrupting service at Vinyl Exclusives that covers all costs, pays impactful royalties, and is infinitely customizable for both artists and fans. We're excited to bring real connection to fans. And real money to artists!

We can't wait to partner with you! Check out our team below, and send us a message via our Contact page with any questions. 

Our Team

Vinyl Exclusives is headquartered in Chicago, IL. From our workshop, we have hand-crafted over 4,000 custom vinyl records for our amazing customers, shipping to over 40 countries, including all US states + Washington DC!

We are a team lead by a pair of brothers, who love music and are focused on putting artists back in control of their own music distribution. 

David personal short-run custom vinyl record

David is the older brother, and has the bald head to prove it. He has been passionate about music his entire life. Frustrated by the takeover of digital music, and watching huge streaming companies take advantage of hard-working artists, he has created Vinyl Exclusives to work directly with artists to bring their creations to their fans.

As a new father, he can't wait to play his little part in making music better for the next generation! 


Ryan personal vinyl mixtape

Ryan is the younger, cooler brother (check out that button-down!).

After several years as a golf pro, Ryan moved to Chicago in early 2019 to help bring Vinyl Exclusives to the world. He enjoys long walks on the beach, working 18-hour days, and letting his brother write his bio for him. 

That's us!

We love meeting our customers, and helping make your vinyl dreams come true. Have any questions, or suggestions? Hit us up via our contact page and say hi!