Make Your Vinyl Work For You

Not the other way 'round...
We Move at the Speed of Your Music
  • Release with Vinyl Exclusives in as little as 48 hours
  • Customize in ways you never thought possible
  • Release singles, EPs, LPs.... all standard vinyl formats
  • Sync with your streaming releases or create unique vinyl-only releases
Unparalleled Fan Connection
  • Fans can build their own vinyl
  • Password-protected and limited quantity releases
  • TEvent-specific vinyl, and other special projects
  • Personalized messages cut directly onto the vinyl
  • We work hand-in-hand on unique projects and ideas
  • Embed product pages into your own site(s)
Enhance Your Financials
  • Build your vinyl products for FREE
  • Impactful royalties beginning at 60% profit split
  • Regular, auditable sales and royalty reports and payments
  • On-demand production means there is no cost to the artist / content owner. Ever.

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