My Own Greatest Hits

With Vinyl Exclusives, you can create the ultimate premier-level vinyl products for your biggest fans. Maybe the coolest of which is the "Build Your Own Greatest Hits" functionality. With this product offering, your fans can create their very own vinyl playlist from your (full or partial) discography:

Host your discography on Vinyl Exclusives

  • Full or partial discography
  • Include unreleased or special edition "releases" as well
  • No limit to number of releases included
  • Vinyl Exclusives will build a unique-to-you product page
  • Provide standard artwork or customizable artwork that will update for each order
  • Provide all relevant audio files to Vinyl Exclusives

Fans build their own Greatest Hits record

  • Each fan has their own idea of your Greatest Hits
  • Allows for a mix of hits and deep cuts, new and old, etc
  • Every product is 100% personalized to the individual purchaser

Vinyl Exclusives creates the custom record

  • Production begins as soon as the fan purchases
  • Utilizing provided files, each record is custom created
  • Artwork may be customized with the unique playlist (or standardized)
  • All production, shipping, and customer service is handled by VE
  • Premium user experience and vinyl quality for your biggest fans
  • Add-ons are possible (e.g. personal messages, etc.)