Short Runs

With Vinyl Exclusives, you can create the ultimate premier-level vinyl products for your biggest fans. If you have a limited run release in mind that does not warrant a large-format pressing, we can help with that!

Create a short run of 1-20 copies either for wholesale or personal use with Vinyl Exclusives:



Create your vinyl product

  • Perfect for unreleased or special edition "releases"
  • Provide artwork and relevant audio files to Vinyl Exclusives
  • A short run can also be hosted on Vinyl Exclusives to sell to fans online; Vinyl Exclusives would create a unique-to-you product page

Vinyl Exclusives creates the custom records

  • Once the product has been finalized and invoiced, production begins asap
  • Wait times are measured in weeks -- not months
  • Utilizing provided files, each record is custom created
  • Sell directly to fans at live shows and experiences; add custom touches (e.g. autographs, bundles)
  • Online sales to fans also possible using Vinyl Exclusives' website hosting